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How can we be sure that the Internet is trustworthy enough for us to put all of our personal and private information?  Well, there is this thing called internet security but we can never assure that it is safe and threat-free.  It is up to us to avoid these possible threats and be vigilant to what we open on the net.

There are internet threats that we should avoid, and these are:

Spyware: includes Trojans, adware, pop up ads, key loggers, etc.  It is always the best way not to access free anti-spyware.  If you are sure that your spyware is not dependable better remove the anti-spyware and replace a new one.


Hacking: they have advanced in information theft.  Once the information is gained by them they start doing online purchases, reroute paychecks and create false documents. If the site does not offer security options to secure your transaction, then it is better not to give the credit card details at all.


Phishing mail: it is the latest internet threat.  The crucial information like passwords and names are stolen.  When you try to read the mail or access it you will be redirected to a fake site that imitates a secured site.


Rogue applications: fake surveys can lead to rogue applications.  Sometimes, the application takes your address book and can turn your computer into a robot which is a good thing for the hackers.

Do not trust or only rely to internet security because we also cannot trust that.  It is our responsibility to be careful while using or working on the internet.  Plus, we also should have the latest security software installed for protection.  It is okay to use the computer but be careful with what you are clicking because someday you might regret it.

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