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On duty specialized law enforcement security guards are just few of the safeguard security services that one can experience with this kind of platform. Most

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It is summer this time of the year and what do you usually do? You usually go on road trips, take a vacation somewhere far, go to the beach or for short you leave the house.  This is the ideal time for burglars to strike on empty houses and apartments all around the world.  That is why we have house alarms to protect and to make sure that our houses

Did you know that by installing surveillance cameras inside your home you can help expose child abuse? Yes, you surely can.  You can know whether the nanny or the one who is babysitting is abusing your child while you are away or not.  And that is one way of proving that security cameras are helpful to people and not just some fancy gadget that is very expensive. Building your own

You cannot afford to be careless nowadays.  If you have a business/ corporation, do everything in your power to improve it.  Hire many guards if you have to or better yet install commercial alarms to ensure the security of your company. Traditional alarms may alert staff and customers but outside opening hours they offer limited protection.  Plus, police forces will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is evidence