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The security in our own private homes is vital. It is important to safely keep prized possessions and valuables that are not just hard earned but also heart earned. We do not want our privacy to be disturbed and we do not want to be barged in by just anyone either. This is why residential security is needed.

Residential security is important especially when you’re away from home. There are many ways to employ security measures in our homes. We can hire professional services or we can do it in our own. The key is to be observant and keen to possibilities.

We should think like burglars and criminals do. Generally, a burglar simply attempts to find entry ways into houses or buildings without breaking anything. Breaking something is the last thing that burglars do unless necessary. They would rather pick locks than break them.

Before leaving the house, make sure to check every nook and cranny of your house. Make this a routine. As part of your residential security, do the rounds of every possible entry into your house. Check the locks of your doors and windows. It is wise if you have quality locks such as deadbolt locks in your door. Don’t leave your keys hidden outside your house. The safest method is always to bring them with you. If family members need to enter and exit your house separately, each member should have their own set of keys.

In addition, check your security devices. Evaluate your smoke detectors and see whether it needs new batteries. Do so with your burglar alarm. Be prepared for possible calamities such as fire and others. Plan your escape and situate your furniture in a manner that does not block pathways. Check your fire extinguisher too. Make sure you have extra batteries for your flashlights and transistor radios.

Our security is not just threatened by intruders and thieves. Sometimes, our security is messed up with other factors that come in different forms such as fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. It is wise to be prepared and gear ourselves with basic knowledge in defending our homes and ourselves.

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