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On duty specialized law enforcement security guards are just few of the safeguard security services that one can experience with this kind of platform. Most of the time, security officers are accessible contractually 24/7. But there are also instances that they need to be backed up with other catalysts to maintain peace and order.

The lists below are some of the Safeguard Security Services one can be benefited with:

Community Policing

Community policing is a viewpoint that encourages organizational techniques, which maintain the systematic utilization of partnership and problem-solving strategies, to practically address the direct conditions that give an increase to public safety issues like social disorder, crime, and even fear of crime.

To create an active partnership between the Police and Safeguard Security men through which crime, service delivery and police community relations, is a major goal of community policing which can jointly be studied in appropriate solutions on its designs and implementations.

There are quite a number of vehicles which are 24/7 ready, patrolling within its areas, monitoring the sites of possible incidents of crime and surveying the guards.

Access Control

The best efficiently supervised armed and un-armed service to those who are sincere on long-term risk management is provided as part of their service. There is a wide range of services that has something to do in controlling the admittance of people and vehicles inside the commercial, residential and public sites.

The access control services comprise:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Bouncing
  • Boom gates

VIP Security

VIPs such as a high net worth and celebrity clients, government personnel and any legitimate persons are provided with a highly protective service. Bodyguards are said to be highly trained and have lots of experience on both high and low risk coursework. Clients will receive the highest possible standards of hospitality, practical and moral support, and care at any time of the day. A personal lifestyle service simply means less worry and hassle and more time to handle other matters.

Survaillance Services

Survaillance services are one of the safeguard security services that offer:

  • Armed and Unarmed officers
  • CCTV Remote Survaillance
  • Undercover Officers
  • Perimeter Patrol
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