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 Security systems long protected homes from burglars, and unexpected disasters. These security systems work through 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. This keeps off the unwanted elements from entering our homes – and prevent them from destroying peaceful living.

With today’s networking and computer technology, security systems became more mobile, reliable, and upstream. This makes security systems adapt the technologies of wifi. Wireless home security systems provide more ways of monitoring your house – even if you’re far away.

Wireless home security systems works with routers. The networking device allows wireless cameras, monitors, detectors, and other security equipments to work. Since its wireless, you have to set up your router correctly and securely – to avoid manipulation from hackers outside and people who are trying to connect wirelessly. Here the things you need to set up your router with.

  •  Customize the default administrator username and password. Some promiscuous networking person might try to log into your router – by connecting to your unsecured network – and change the original username and password to mess up the network connection. You have to set a strong username and password and refrain from using birthdays.
  •  Turn on WPA2 encryption. WEP and WPA are obsolete types of encryption. They can be easily hacked using password software. The WPA2 encryption is the safest and most secure of all. Note, you can only use this feature if you put a password on your router. Also, make sure your security and monitoring device are compatible with WPA2 encryption.
  •  Disable SSID broadcast. The SSID is the default name of your router. It’s safer to change it than to use the default. Disabling the SSID broadcast will not affect network communication but it will only hide the SSID or the “wifi name” so devices outside of your network won’t see your router.

You also need to enable firewalls on your router. Many routers by default have already turned on their firewalls – that even turning off your computer firewall still safe. Lastly, your wireless home security systems technician should know how to configure different routers.





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